Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kerfuffles and FUBARs, in New York

It's been a few days, but I’m still alive! We’re currently stuck in New York waiting to get our truck fixed (again), so I finally have some time to type this out. It's not all bad though,we got to see snow (snow in NY, the top of my Bucket List), and eat some genuine NY pizza!

 I’ve only been to one other quilt shop since Missouri Star, but that second quilt shop was in New York! New York has been the top state on my list of states to see, so it’s pretty fantastic that that was my second one. Granted, it’s not NYC, but it was still an amazing shop with some amazing quilters running things.

Enter: Calico Gals in Syracuse, NY 


I have it under good authority that this shop is where the ever so wonderful Row-By-Row experience came from! And since I love connections, I was pretty excited to hear that Jenny – from Missouri Star – will be holding a few classes/lectures/whateveryoucallem in their area from Nov 10th through the 13th. Because of that, they’ve got a ton of new stock in that hasn’t even reached the shelves yet! I was lucky enough to get one of their new products before they had even priced it yet :) So if anyone is in the area next week, I definitely recommend stopping by to see what’s new!

Here's their website:



As for fabric, I only got a few things again. I’ve finally made up my mind on what I’m doing with all these fabrics, and it’s not gonna be easy, but it’ll look pretty flipping awesome when I’m done. I’m going to take one fabric from each state, and applique them into the state I purchased it from. For example, I’ll take one of the fabrics I got today and applique it with some fusible into a shape of New York. Then I’ll add them all together, and make my very own US map out of fabric! :) It’s going to be pretty big, and I’m prepared for that, but I think it’ll look pretty awesome hanging from a wall in our currently-nonexistent house. Also, I’m sure it’s been done before, but I don’t really care in this case =P

But I digress. Back to fabric! I got a charm pack, 

one of moda’s little candy pop pack things, 
 Btw, if anyone knows where I can buy this line in bulk, I'd love to know. It's an awesome line.

and a couple cuts of some awesome NY fabric. I also got a fabric that lists all the states on it, and with some fussy cutting, it will also work excellently with my Big Plan =P

Other than that, not much is new. Right now we’re near Corfu, NY, and at this rate we’re gonna be here all night. There’s a chance I’ll get to another shop tomorrow while our truck is in the shop, fingers crossed! Otherwise, have a wonderful night all, and ta ta for now~

States I’ve purchased fabric from:
New York

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  1. Sorry you're stuck, but you're stuck in NY!!! Enjoy your adventure :)