Friday, October 9, 2015

Flower Power!

Since we got off the road and I got a full-time job, my potential sewing time has been reduced dramatically. I do not like this. There's still 2 more quilts I want to finish by Christmas, and at this rate, that's never going to happen. I'm confident I'll get the tops done, but getting them quilted is a totally different story. I need to get them in NOW, otherwise there's no way they'll get done by Christmas :( But I'll keep truckin' along, hopefully the odds will be in my favor! On a positive note, I FINALLY got the Flower Power block from my Mario quilt done.

What I think is crazy is how big the individual squares start out (they're only 1 1/2 inch squares, but it looks big compared to the finished product), and how little they end up. Here's a picture during my progress, before it was done:
That big square in the corner? Pre-sewn. After I sewed it, it fit into that TINY corner perfectly. Sorcery!

As another example, I started my next block, the coin. When I took this pic, I had actually sewn the bottom half together (horizontally), but the top half hadn't been touched yet. You can kind of see the difference:
Pretty hard to tell...but it's a lot more obvious when you see the real thing. This pattern is from the Cora's Quilts Mario quilt along, in case anyone wants to check it out =P

I've got plenty of shenanigans planned this weekend: my sister-in-law has her baby shower, where I'll get to gift the owl quilt and stuffie! Woohoo! Looking forward to that :) After the shower, I'm heading to St. Helens, where they have a traditional pumpkin lighting every year in honor of Halloweentown, which was a pretty awesome made-for-TV Disney Channel movie that was filmed in St. Helens! And THIS year, the pumpkin lighting is being done by the star of Halloweentown (Marnie)! WHAAAT!?! Seeing the movie now that I'm older, it's pretty corny, but it's my childhood and I'm SO excited to see it!!

Sunday is Funday! No official plans, but I'm going to get some sewing done, as well as a few other DIY crafts I found on Pinterest that I want to test out before I start making them as presents (and I want to play with's mostly the testing thing).

So anywho, this weekend should be fun, and hopefully I'll get stuff done! More progress updates coming early next week, I hope :)

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