Saturday, February 7, 2015

Nebraska, Nebraska

On our way back down to Texas, we stopped in Valentine, NE, which was a really cute little town with a really cute little fabric store. The shop we visited was called Country Fabrics and Crafts. They had quite an array of fabric types, including some denim fabric that I got to patch some of our pants.

In the back, they also had a bunch of yarn and needlepoint stuff
As for my quilt, I got this Corn Husker fabric, which is slightly different from the other fabrics I’ve gotten so far, but I still thought it captured the heart of Nebraska. 

I also got this SUPER CUTE giraffe fabric, which I might have to make myself some shorts out of. I didn’t realize it was thin and soft until after we got back to the truck, unfortunately, so I only have ½ yd to work with. Who knows, I might call the store and place an order for some more, I love it so much.

They also had tons of needlework stuff as well as yarn and wool, among other things. A few days back, we stopped in another small downtown area and visited a secondhand bookstore. I got a few very informative, very cheap needlework and quilting books, which I was pretty excited about. After looking through them, I’ve decided to start some hand sewing stuff, which makes a lot of sense being stuck in a bouncy truck all day. So along with the few pieces of fabric I got, I also got all these other goodies:

The cotton innards are for these super cool microwaveablebowl holders that my soon-to-be step mom turned me onto.
Wow, I’m going to have a step mom. That’s weird, I don’t think that’s really hit me yet...But anyways, I’m going to make some of those bowl holders for her, and probably a couple for us eventually, too. The batting also has a pattern for a potato-zapper bag on the back, might try that out too. There are tons of microwave-safe things I can make, so I’ll see how much I like these bowl holders and go from there.

I also finally got Operation: Pretty Princess started! I only got a few pieces of Princess Aurora done before my machine decided it actually wasn’t ready to be used…and the tension got off. I tried adjusting the top tension and the bottom tension, but it’s just not having it. I think it’s because it was unused for so long, since my sister (the original owner) didn’t get into sewing like I did. So I’m hoping to run into another sewing center out here so I can get it looked at and finally get some sewing done!

We’re heading back down to Texas now, so I probably won’t be to another shop for a while. At least, not one in a new state :) Signing off for now, talk to you later!

States I’ve purchased fabric from:
New York

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